We’ve heard from several of our members in response to the announcement of our new name, and we appreciate all of your feedback.  SACU would not be the great credit union it is today without loyal members like you who feel passionately about who we are and what we stand for.  I want to assure you it wasn’t an easy decision to change our name from SACU, and not a decision we took lightly.  We love San Antonio and are proud to make it our home. 
We’re a national credit union now, with members from coast to coast.  We need a strong brand to help continue to build our growing business nationwide, which benefits all of our members including those right here at home in San Antonio. 
Up until now our names (first GECU, then SACU) have reflected who we serve.  Now, for the first time, we have a name that represents how we want to serve you.  We recognize there is always a human being in the middle of every interaction and decision we make, and our new name reflects our commitment to respecting you and serving your needs. 
When members ask me what the name Credit Human means, I point to one of the original definitions of the word credit – to believe or trust.  So for us the name Credit Human represents faith in people and a commitment to helping them succeed, which is what we’ve been all about since we were founded way back in 1935. 
Moving to a name like Credit Human is a big shift, and over time I hope it comes to represent the foundational values we share in common.  Values like honoring individuals and treating them with respect, helping responsible savers and borrowers achieve their goals, and being good stewards of the money our members entrust with us.  That’s something we take very seriously.
As I mentioned in the announcement, we’ll continue to keep you posted on the timing of the transition.  
Thank you again for being a member.

Richard Rodriguez
Chair, SACU Board of Directors